old stones

I’ve been feeling so nostalgic for home lately. I think it’s the time of year… northern BC is just wet and cold. Here on the coast, things start sucking right around the end of August.  It starts raining on Labour Day weekend — just in time for my birthday — and doesn’t let up until […]

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where the fun has dried up.

My favourite photos of the week: Leave the bathers at home: the abandoned waterparks where the fun has dried up. I never thought I’d be linking to The Daily Mail within the context of urban exploration — I rely on that website for, like, weird gossip items about obscure and overly tanned British celebutantes.  HOWEVER.  I […]

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Every Canadian Novel Ever

I’m wayyyy too busy lately with moving, work, and general life stuff to put any original thought into this blog. I also bought a brand new Canon EOS Rebel T5, but haven’t gotten a chance to take pictures of anything besides my cat. I’m hoping this will all change by August 15th, when I have […]

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the ultimate urbex destination

Sorry I haven’t been updating you guys, I have been really busy!  I’ve been working a lot, but also house hunting.  40 house viewings later, I’m just on the cusp of buying my first home… and of course, shit has gone irreparably sideways.   But I wanted to share this link with you, because it […]

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a change of scenery

Sorry I haven’t been posting too much, dudettes.  It has been a very busy few weeks!  I have been working more than usual, and I’m also taking a university course, so my free time is pretty much devoted to my husbands (and cats) whenever I can manage it.  But I have been busy for a […]

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The biggest tree

On the outskirts of Kitimat’s industrial area, in a newly created wasteland, we found this huge tree stump.  Its body was lying a few meters away.  The rumour is that “they” cleared this area in preparation for the new LNG project, and in the process, cut down this four hundred year old tree… even though it wasn’t […]

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